Papers at CMNA 2012 and AT 2012

Recent papers at two conferences. One is in the 12th workshop on Computational Models of Natural Argument (CMNA 2012), Montpellier, France. A second paper is in the 1st International Conference on Agreement Technologies (AT 2012), Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Questions, arguments, and natural language semantics
Adam Wyner

Computational models of argumentation can be understood to bridge between human and automated reasoning. Argumentation schemes represent stereotypical, defeasible reasoning patterns. Critical questions are associated with argumentation schemes and are said to attack arguments. The paper highlights several issues with the current understanding of critical questions in argumentation. It provides a formal semantics for questions, an approach to instantiated argumentation schemes, and shows how the semantics of questions clarifies the issues. In this approach, questions do not attack schemes, though answers to questions might.

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Arguing from a Point of View
Adam Wyner and Jodie Schneider

Evaluative statements, where some entity has a qualitative attribute, appear widespread in blogs, political discussions, and consumer websites. Such expressions can occur in argumentative settings, where they are the conclusion of an argument. Whether the argument holds depends on a the premises that express a user’s point of view. Where different users disagree, arguments may arise. There are several ways to represent users, e.g. by values and other parameters. The paper proposes models and argumentation schemes for evaluative expressions, where the arguments and attacks between arguments are relative to a user’s model.

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By Adam Wyner

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